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EUROMAT (in English)

  • Izba Gospodarcza
  • 21 maja 2009

Chamber of Commerce of Producers and Operators of Amusement Equipment was registered on July 27th, 1998 as the result of common activity of the companies acting in amusement sector. The law and regulation concerning this business sector, particularly in the area of AWP machines in public locations, was not very clear in Poland in that period of time. The intention of the founder members was to clear up all legal aspects of their activity. From the very beginning we have undertaken numerous information as well as legal activities in the area of public relation, in order to regulate the status of AWP machines. We have participated actively in the whole legislative process as a social consultant. Taking advantage of the high position of Chambers of Commerce in Polish law system we were invited to join the working team officially established by the Ministry of Finance. We were also present in Polish Parliament as the social consultant in parliamentary commission.
Finally, in March 2003 Parliament decided to amend the ACT of games of chance and mutual wagering. This amendment has introduced AWP to the official catalogue of the games in Poland. Starting from this milestone we can say that the progress in the sector has been noticed. Currently we concentrate ourselves on legal advisory for our members. At the same time we are in touch with public agendas to simplify procedures in the area of AWP.